Best Alexa Skills for Movie Addicts

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Alexa is a great voice assistant for anyone. Did you know she is a movie addict too? There are lots of great Alexa skills for any movie addict but in this post, I will try to review the best ones. Using these skills, you can find the latest movies to watch in cinema or in Amazon Prime. You can also learn movie facts, quotes or detailed information about movie titles, actors, directors, and genres. If you are brave enough, you can try quizzes or trivia about movies. Here are my favorite Alexa skills related to movies.


Alexa Skill: MovieBotIn my opinion, MovieBot is the best Alexa skill for movie addicts. MovieBot can recommend movies, has a conversation with you about movies and other movie-related things like actors, directors, cast, genres, plots, awards, quotes, and more. You can ask her nearly anything about movies and for most of the time, she has an answer to all your questions. You can start by saying “Alexa, recommend me a movie.” and she will suggest a movie. You can say “More info.” to hear more about that movie and if you like it, say “Okay.” or “I like it.” to let the app send a card to your Alexa app regarding that movie. You can also ask “Suggest thriller movies.” or “Suggest movies by Brad Pitt.” or “Suggest movies by David Fincher.” As you chat with MovieBot, it will learn your taste of movies and will recommend movies you might like. And if you don’t like a particular genre, say “I don’t like animation movies.” and it will keep it in mind.

One of my favorite feature of the MovieBot is quotes. Just ask “Alexa, give me a quote from the movie [x].” and it does it. There are lots of Alexa skills for movie quotes but MovieBot does its job very well so you won’t need another one. MovieBot also has conversational capabilities. You can ask “Who directed Fight Club?” and it will say “David Fincher”. Now you can ask “What else he directed?” and it will talk about more movies directed by David Fincher. This feature is really cool and it feels like you are talking to a real movie guru. You can ask it about movie showtimes or Amazon Prime availability. Control this skill by saying “What can you do?“, “Help”, “Stop” or “Start over”. I really like the MovieBot and hope you will like it too.

Valossa Movie Finder

Alexa Skill: Valossa Movie FinderI just want to say I am really impressed by this Alexa skill. Valossa Movie Finder is a really useful skill for remembering the title of a movie. I asked “What was the movie where Leonardo Di Caprio acted as a pilot?” and it replied with “Aviator” and “Catch Me if You Can“. If you want to remember a movie or an actor, just ask her. You can also ask her questions like “Alexa, ask movie finder what are the best thriller movies.” or “Alexa, use movie finder to find me American war movies from the 2000s.” It does it best to answer your question and lists movies. All you need to do is say: “Tell me more about number [x].” As a movie addict, I definitely recommend you to enable Valossa Movie Finder on your Echo device.

Screen Test

Alexa Skill: Screen TestScreen Test is a great Alexa skill for any movie addict. After you enable it, you say “Alexa, open Screen Test.” It will play 5 movie quotes and you will try to guess them right. After you listen to the quote, you can ask her to repeat, give a clue or skip. You can also ask for extra time. I personally couldn’t achieve more than 2/5 so I hope you will do better than me. Screen Test is a great Alexa skill to have fun with you alone or with your friend group.

Movie Trailer Quiz

Movie Trailer Quiz is another fun skill for movie lovers. You can enable it from your Amazon Alexa app and after that, it will play 5 movie trailers. Just say the name of the movie or you can ask for a hint anytime. I think Movie Trailer Quiz is easier than the Screen Test but sometimes it is hard to know only by listening to a movie trailer.

Thank you for reading this post. If you know any other great Alexa skills about movies, please leave a comment below.

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