Best Alexa Skills for Kids

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Alexa is a pretty good voice assistant for children as well as for adults. When they are most open to learning, your kids can use Alexa to have fun with great games, exercise, learn interesting facts, play a trivia, learn about mathematics or science and listen to beautiful stories while trying to sleep. There are many Alexa skills for children in the Alexa app, but determining the best ones can be a tiring process for parents. For this reason, we have compiled the best Alexa skills for your kids. Below you can see the Alexa skills in different categories and you can enable them on your Alexa device by searching the ones you like in the Amazon Alexa app.

Alexa Games for Kids

Would You Rather For FamilyWould You Rather for Family

Have you ever been between two stupid situations and you have to choose one? This game is one of the best-known games. In this game, there are hundreds of questions that will entertain you and your children. The game can be played by the family or the children can also play the game among themselves. I am sure you will love Would You Rather for Family which will make you and your children laugh.

Sesame StreetSesame Street

As parents, Sesame Street is familiar with us. Nowadays, thanks to Alexa, your children also can travel to Sesame Street and talk to our beloved friend, Elmo. With this game, your children can learn new words, play hide and seek, and have fun with laughing at Elmo’s funny words. All you need to do is saying “Alexa, ask Sesame Street to call Elmo.” or “Alexa, ask Sesame Street to play hide and seek.” and Elmo will start to talk.

The Tickle Monster GameThe Tickle Monster Game

If you like to tickle your kids (and they like to be tickled), this game is for you. To hear laughter in your home, just enable The Tickle Monster Game skill and you will tickle each other in turn. You should enter parents’ and children’s name through the Amazon Alexa app. Then Tickle Monster will tell who is tickling who. Really fun game to play as a family.

Silly ThingsSilly Things

Every child likes to do silly things. If you want your kids to have fun while doing silly things, you can enable the Alexa skill: Silly Things. This skill asks your children to do ridiculous things at random like; “Act like a fish out of the water.” or “Act like you just ate a really sour lemon.” With this skill, your children will have a lot of fun.


Panda RescuePanda Rescue

They’re looking for a volunteer to be a panda carer at Panda school, and she/he could be your child. In this game, your child will care a baby panda saved from the forest. It is a very fun game to spend 30-40 minutes a day. The game saves itself every day and helps your child gain animal love and responsibility.


Gator LakeGator Lake

In this game, you play a person who lost his keys on the lake. Of course, there are dangerous crocodiles in the lake and they are trying to eat you while you are looking for your key in the bottom of the lake. You can swim, dive into the bottom, or act like a piece of wood over the water. Your goal is to get the key out of the lake before you get caught by an alligator. Gator Lake, a very enjoyable game, can keep your children entertained for a long time.

Highlights MagazineHighlights Magazine

This game is one of the kids’ favorite Alexa skills. You can listen to jokes, tongue-twisters, stories, poems and brainteasers with this skill named Highlights Magazine. I am convinced that you will have fun with this game which can be played between both family and children.


Lemonade StandLemonade Stand

I bet you played lemonade stand when you were a kid. With today’s technology, your kids can play this game with Alexa. This game skill simulates owning a lemonade stand. Alexa states the weather forecast for the (simulated) day and then the player buys cups of lemonade to sell, buys signs for advertising, and sets a price for a cup of lemonade. The game can last forever, and your kids can improve both their mood and their business intelligence. Which parent does not want that?

The SpongeBob ChallengeThe SpongeBob Challenge

Children love SpongeBob and we love it too. The game is suitable for children over six years old. We run a restaurant in this game. With SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs, we are trying to deliver orders for impatient customers. Of course, orders become increasingly difficult and the game becomes even more enjoyable. I’m sure your child will love this game.

Twenty QuestionsTwenty Questions

Twenty Questions is one of the most enjoyable games you can play with Alexa. You’re having something in your mind and Alexa is trying to know that thing with asking 20 questions max. Alexa will ask you questions such as “yes”, “no”, “unknown”, “irrelevant”, “sometimes”, “probably”, or “doubtful”. If Alexa can guess it correctly, she wins. Else, you win. You can pick categories like Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, or Music Related.

The Magic DoorThe Magic Door

Magic Door is a truly fascinating skill. With this Alexa skill, your kids can find themselves in an incredible adventure, and they can manage where this adventure goes. Forests, sea, garden, castle and many other places. For detailed information about adventures, you can click here to visit its Amazon Alexa Skills page.


freeze dancersFreeze Dancers

This game is well suited for children who are very energetic. In Freeze Dancers, there’s a music playing and the kids are starting to dance. When the music stops, the children have to freeze. Children who can not do this are out of play and this game continues until one child remains. Your kids can have fun with this game for hours. I definitely recommend this Alexa skill to any parents.

Animal WorkoutAnimal Workout

It is a beautiful Alexa skill that children can have fun and exercise. This skill makes your children act like different animals. They can do exercises and be entertained while imitating the movements of different animals. They can also increase their self-esteem with cues that appreciate them.


The Finder Game for KidsThe Finder Game for Kids

This Alexa skill asks your children to find a particular object in the room. Alexa gives them some time, and if they find the object at the end of the time, they win the game. Your children can learn colors, objects, and numbers more easily with this game.


Bed JumpersBed Jumpers

Don’t let the name of the game to mislead you. This game does not require your kids to jump on the bed. In this game, your children can easily learn the numbers and have fun at the same time. This skill prompts you or your child for what is jumping on the bed, and between each verse, prompts for how many remain. Who knows, maybe your kids can stop jumping on the bed after playing this game.

Fuzzy TalesFuzzy Tales

Fuzzy Tales puts your kids into a fun adventure. The puzzles that need to be solved, the riddles and much more are waiting for them in this game. They will meet the Turtle King, the Monkey Queen, a scary wolf, a slithery snake, a flying ghost cat, a dangerous villain, maybe even a Fire Dragon! With new friends, dangers, awards and life lessons, your children will have fun times.

Hide and SeekHide and Seek

In the past we were children, and we loved playing hide and seek. Nowadays kids can play this game with Alexa. The rules of the game are simple: Your child is hiding somewhere in the house and Alexa is trying to find her/him. If Alexa does not find her/him in three tries, your child wins the game. Of course, in order for Alexa to hear them, your kids need to speak a little louder when they are away from the speaker.

Poop PoemsPoop Poems

Children start laughing when they hear the word “poop”. You can get more entertaining versions of nursery rhymes and poems when you mix them with some poop. Your kids will be laughing while playing this game. All you need to do is ask for a new Poop Poem from Alexa and listen. Say: “Alexa, ask poop poems to throw some more poop at me.”

Alexa Science & Facts Skills for Kids


ScienceBot is a nice Alexa skill to make your kids more knowledgeable. Your children can learn facts about nature, science, history, geography and many other topics. ScienceBot contains more than 1000 facts and you can say star by saying “Alexa, ask science bot a science fact” or “Alexa, ask science bot for the list of topics.” You can also learn facts about particular topics like Albert Einstein or The Halley’s Comet.

See SaySee Say

See Say, one of the children’s classic toys, is now accessible via Alexa. With 34 different animal voices, your kid can play with See Say to learn hundreds of interesting facts about animals. You can say “Alexa, launch See Say and what does the pig say.” or “Alexa, start to See Say and give me a fact.” to get started with the See Say.


Curiosity is a very informative and entertaining Alexa skill for both children and adults. You can listen to the most interesting facts about science, art, history, geography, nature, and technology from Curiosity and expand your mind’s horizons. With this Alexa skill, your children will learn a lot of new information and you will be amazed by them.

Dog FactsDog Facts

This Alexa skill tells you about interesting dog facts. Your kid can learn nearly everything about dogs and this skill lets you learn dog facts for different breeds. You can say “Alexa, tell me a dog fact about German Shepherds.” or “Alexa, tell me a dog fact about Poodles.” to learn the most interesting things about dogs.

Cat FactsCat Facts

Along with Dog Facts, this Alexa skill is also a good one for your kid. Your kid can learn nearly everything about cats. It can also send a cat picture to your Amazon Alexa app each time you ask for a cat fact. There are nearly hundred facts on Cat Facts skill.

Alexa Trivia & Quizzes for Kids

Volley Family Trivia GameVolley Family Trivia Game

Volley Family Trivia Game is a really good trivia game you can play as a family or group of kids. It is a live true or false game and you can compete with your friends or family members. See who’s the smartest in your friend group and compete to see who can stay alive the longest!


Mighty Trivia - a guessing game for kidsMighty Trivia

Mighty Trivia is a guessing game that takes speed and difficulty into account. In this game, Alexa will pretend to be an object, person, animal or a place and you will try to guess what it is. You can have a guess or ask for a hint. There are three difficulty levels and lots of random questions so your kid can have fun with this skill for a long time.

Teen Jeopardy!Teen Jeopardy

One of America’s favorite quiz show Jeopardy is on Alexa for teens and kids. This skill covers topics like science, literature, geography and all the challenges are written specifically for teens and families. You can get clue packs for greater challenges too.


Zoo WalkZoo Walk

Zoo Walk is a fun Alexa skill especially developed for kids. It contains real animal sounds and kids will guess the animal. If their answer is correct, they advance to a more difficult level to earn a title! There are ten levels of Zoo Walk and all you need to do is saying “Alexa, start Zoo Walk.” to get it started.


Akinator is one of the oldest internet games. It basically tries to guess what is on your mind. You can think of a real or fictional character and Akinotor will try to guess it right. Akinator is a really smart Alexa skill and both you and your kids can have fun with it.

Educational Alexa Skills for Kids

Math TutorMath Tutor

When I was a kid, I had a hard time while learning multiplication tables. (Now, I have the Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics -cough-) I find this Alexa skill very useful for any kid. Math Tutor can read out the multiplication tables between 1 and 10. You can say “Alexa, ask Math Tutor for 6 times table.” and it will read it out. You can also view the table on the Home page of the Amazon Alexa app.

The Queen's MathematicianThe Queen’s Mathematician

Elves have kidnapped the Tree Queen and the only one can save her is the best mathematician. Kids aged 6-8 use elementary math facts, solve word problems and stretch their imaginations with this Alexa skill. There are thousands of combinations so your kid can play again and again. Just say “Alexa, start the Queen’s Mathematician.”


Sixty Second ScienceSixty Second Science

This Alexa skill lets you listen to a brief podcast under 3 minutes about science. Your kids can learn about scientific facts, developments every day. I personally use this Alexa skill and would definitely recommend it. You can add this skill to your Flash Briefing list to get your daily podcast.


Kids CourtKids Court

Kids Court is one of the most popular Alexa skills for kids. If someone is being unfair or nasty, you can bring them to court and let Lexy judge. I know you are tired of hearing “He did it!” or “She started first!” and this skill will teach them some basic facts about the US judicial system. It will also help them to learn speaking up for themselves.


Word of the Day QuizWord of the Day Quiz

This Alexa skill teaches your kid a useful word each day and then it quizzes them on its meaning. Your kids can expand their vocabulary while they are having fun. You can also unlock audio prizes if you check multiple days in a row.


Spelling BeeSpelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a fun game for both adults and kids. Your kids can play it between them or they can also go with a solo daily challenge. They can ask Alexa for a word’s definition, the language of origin or an example sentence. This Alexa skill is going to help your kid to learn to spell the words correctly.


Science Kid RadioScience Kid Radio

This Alexa skill is great for kids aged between 6-12. Science Kid Radio stream one of the best podcasts for children from trusted sources like NPR.  You can say “Alexa, play Science Kid Radio.” to get it started and you can go the next podcast episode by saying “Alexa, next.”


1-2-3 Math1-2-3 Math

1-2-3 Math is a math challenge. It lets you and your kids test elementary computing skills. There are easy, medium, and hard modes with increasing levels of difficulty. Easy mode would be more suitable for kids but you can test your math skills with other modes.


Out The DoorOut The Door

I know sometimes it is a painful thing to get the kids ready for school. This Alexa app turns their morning routine into a fun adventure. Kids get a superpower every morning and they need to beat a creature by completing their morning routine. Missions include getting dressed, brushing teeth, washing face, doing hair, preparing the backpack, and putting on shoes. Trust me, you will love the Alexa skill Out The Door.

Science Buddy

Science Buddy

Science Buddy creates a fun way for kids to learn about science. There are topics including biology, science, physics and more. There are simple questions for each topic and Alexa will ask them ten multiple-choice questions with three choices each. Just enable it and say “Alexa, open Science Buddy.”



Brushing your teeth is a must for having a healthy mouth. Not every kid is a fan of tooth brushing but this Alexa skill makes the whole process enjoyable. When it is time to brush teeth, say “Alexa, start Chompers.” Alexa will tell jokes, stories, riddles, and songs to keep your kids entertaining for 2 minutes while they are brushing their teeth. It also counts the time they brush so they can have a streak and be celebrated. Chompers is a recommended Alexa skill for ages 3-7.

Alexa Sleep Time & Song Skills for Kids

Amazon StorytimeAmazon Storytime

Amazon Storytime is one of the most usable Alexa skills for parents. This skill collects professionally narrated short stories for kids ages 5-12. Enable the skill and you just need to say “Alexa, ask Amazon Storytime to read me a bedtime story.” to get it started.


Old MacDonaldOld MacDonald

You know that farm right? Old MacDonald is still in the business after so many years and waiting for your kids. You or your kid can give the name of an animal to this skill and Alexa will tell you how it sounds by reciting a verse of this classic nursery rhyme. There are chicks, cows, pigs, ducks, horses, lambs, roosters, kittens, frogs, and elephants (?) in Old MacDonald’s farm so be ready for a long adventure.

Short Bedtime StoryShort Bedtime Story

This Alexa skill is one of the most popular bedtime story skills. You can enable this skill and Short Bedtime Story will tell a bedtime story personalized to your kid’s name. After enabling it, just say “Alexa, tell BedTime Story to [your kid’s name].” and it will start. You can set a sleep timer if you want Alexa to turn off after some time.


Music BopMusic Bop

Music Bop provides interactive adventures that will get your kids moving around with educational and fun themes. There are currently 3 adventures to explore; Space, Under the Sea, and Jungle. You need to say “Alexa, ask Music Bop to play adventures.” to get it started. This Alexa skill has lots of positive reviews and I am sure you and your kids will love Music Bop.


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