Best Alexa Skills for Guitar Players

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If you play guitar and also have an Amazon Echo device, you can combine them to improve your music sessions. When you can’t use your hands to control a computer or a smartphone, it is very easy to tune your guitar, select a backing track, learn guitar chords and even learn guitar facts just using your voice. All you need to do is check out these Alexa skills and enable them on your Echo device.  Let’s do some music!

Guitar Tuner

Alexa Skill: Guitar Tuner

As a musician, the first thing to do is to tune our guitar. Guitar Tuner is a really good Alexa skill to tune your guitar without dealing with a tuner or a smartphone. You just enable it from the Amazon Alexa app and you can say:

Alexa, tell guitar tuner to play note E.” or “Alexa, ask guitar tuner to tune note A.” to tune a particular string. If you want to tune all strings, say: “Alexa, ask guitar tuner to tune all.” Your Echo device will play the tunes several times for every string, starting with the low E. When you are done, you can say “Exit” to leave the tuning skill.

Click here to learn more about the Alexa Skill: Guitar Tuner.

Guitar Teacher

Alexa Skill: Guitar TeacherGuitar Teacher is a great Alexa skill for guitar players. If you are a newbie guitarist, it can teach you notes and chords. You can learn how to find each note on your guitar or how to play chords and remember their name showing finger placements. For any note or chord, it can send an image that shows finger placements to your Alexa app. With this skill, you can also easily tune your guitar. Just say: “Alexa, ask Guitar Teacher to tune my guitar.

Guitar Teacher can play individual notes or chords based on your requests. You can say: “Alexa, open Guitar teacher.” or “Alexa, ask Guitar Teacher to teach chords.” to make it work. I definitely recommend Guitar Teacher to any guitar player.

Click here to learn more about the Alexa Skill: Guitar Teacher.

Guitar Backing Tracks

Alexa Skill: Guitar Backing TrackWhen I was playing guitar 15 years ago, I was having great fun while jamming on backing tracks. It was hard to find them back then but today you can find awesome backing tracks just using your Echo device. All you need to do is enable a backing track skill on your Alexa app. I recommend Guitar Backing Tracks for this purpose. After enabling the skill, you can say: “Alexa, open Backing Tracks.” or “Alexa, ask Backing Tracks for a blues track.” You can also specify a particular key by saying “Alexa, ask backing tracks for track in the key of A Minor.

Click here to learn more about the Alexa Skill: Guitar Backing Tracks.

Rock Out Loud and Backing Buddy are both great alternatives to Guitar Backing Tracks Skill so my advice would be enabling all of them. Of course, you can also use Spotify to find various backing tracks to jam on.

Interval Trainer

Alexa Skill: Interval TrainerThis Alexa skill is a great way to develop your ears. If you want to pick out melodies, chords, and songs easily, this could be done with proper ear training with Interval Trainer. You can ask: “Alexa, ask Interval Trainer to play a major 3rd.” It also allows you to practice intervals randomly within the octave. Interval Trainer will track your score for intervals and you can reset your score anytime. I would recommend this Alexa skill to any musician who wants to develop their ears and understanding of music theory.

Click here to learn more about the Alexa Skill: Interval Trainer.

Guitar Fact

Alexa Skill: Guitar FactThis Alexa skill is the ‘bonus’ one on our list. When you get bored of hours of practicing guitar, you can ask for a guitar fact. All you need to do is saying: “Alexa, ask Guitar Facts to give me a fact.” or “Alexa, ask Guitar Facts to give me something.” and Alexa will give a fun fact about guitars. Click here to learn more about the Alexa Skill: Guitar Fact.

Alexa and Echo devices are getting better every day and I am sure that there are more great Alexa skills for guitar players. If you want to share an Alexa skill which is useful for guitar players and musicians, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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