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9 Best Alexa Skills for Bartending – Cocktails & Beverages

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If you are an amateur bartender or a “drinker”, Alexa can be a great assistant for you. She knows how to make hundreds of cocktails, pairing wine and beer with your meal and gives helpful tips for anyone who drinks. In this post, we will make a list of best Alexa skills for bartending where you can find cocktail recipes, drink recommendations, and wine or beer pairings. Let’s get to the work by finding a reason to drink!

Today's Reason to Drink by Modern Drunkard

Today’s Reason to Drink

This skill is from the awesome website and for each and every day of the year, it offers a historical reason to drink. Sometimes it is a famous drinker’s birth or death day, sometimes it is a holiday and sometimes it is a historical happening. It also suggests a cocktail or a beverage matching the occasion. You can add Today’s Reason to Drink to your Flash Briefing and can hear awesome reasons to drink every day.

The Bartender by Pylon ai

The Bartender

The Bartender is one of the best Alexa skills for learning cocktail recipes through Echo. You can ask about any cocktail you want to try; margarita,  white russian, mojito and man more. The Bartender will tell you the ingredients, amounts and detailed instructions for making the cocktail. You can also search cocktail recipes by a particular ingredient or spirit type. If you feel lucky, you can always ask The Bartender to surprise you by suggesting a random drink recipe.

Happy Hour by Peacock Cove, LLC

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Alexa skill can give recipes for over 170 popular beverages and cocktails. You can find all of the standard fares and there are also recipes for Sidecar, Singapore Sling, Sex on the Beach, Apple Martini, Blue Kamikaze and many more. All you need to is ask for specific cocktail recipes, types of drinks or recipes with a specific type of alcohol. You can start by saying “Alexa, ask the Bar Maid for help.” or “Alexa, ask the Bar Maid what’s in a mojito.

This link will guide you to the Happy Hour Alexa skill page on where you can find a complete list of commands to ask for recipes and beverages.

Drink Recommender - Your Personal Bartender by Drawrz.comDrink Recommender – Your Personal Bartender

Drink Recommender is one of my favorite Alexa skills for pairing cocktails and drinks with any meal. This Alexa skill is very easy to use. You just start by saying “Alexa, open Drink Recommender.” and Alexa will ask you a few questions regarding your drinking choices. You can answer “yes” or “no” to these questions and Drink Recommender will suggest the perfect drink for you.

Instant Mixologist by Reliant appsInstant Mixologist

Instant Mixologist is a great Alexa skill for bartending. It can create a bartender o a great party host out of anyone. You just ask Instant Mixologist for the recipe of a cocktail and Alexa will respond with the instructions and ingredients to make the cocktail. It doesn’t give the recipe for some well-known cocktails but it works well in general. For example, you can ask for the Pina Colada recipe by saying “Alexa, ask Instant Mixologist what’s the recipe for a Pina Colada.

Cocktail Roulette by CraftyCCocktail Roulette

Sometimes it is hard to decide on what to drink tonight. If you can’t decide which cocktail to make, you can play Cocktail Roulette to find one. This Alexa skill will provide you a random cocktail name and if you like it, you can learn the ingredients and instructions to make it. You can start the Cocktail Roulette by saying “Alexa, ask Cocktail Roulette to make me a cocktail.


Wine Guru by Nirav ShahWine Guru

If you are not into cocktails and your favorite drink is wine, Wine Guru can help you to pick the best red wine for your need. This Alexa skills asks you a series of questions and helps you select the perfect wine to pair with your meal or for leisure drinking. If you are planning to eat beef, you can ask for the perfect red wine by saying “Alexa ask Wine Guru what goes with beef.” You can learn more about the suggested wine by saying “Tell me more.


Wine Library by VaynerMediaWine Library

Wine Library may be the perfect Alexa skill for any wine addict. I personally use Wine Library skill as a short podcast for wine. This skill can give you awesome wine recommendations and approachable, straightforward tasting notes for wines. You can enjoy tasting with Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library and visit their website for buy some quality wines.


Uber by Uber Technologies, Inc.Uber

The night is over. We had a reason for drinking tonight and found the perfect cocktail or beverage to drink. So if the night is over and you need a ride, remember to NOT to drive with alcohol in your blood. You can use Uber Alexa skill to call an Uber so you don’t need to risk anyone’s life. Take care and have fun with those great Alexa skills for bartending!

Note:  These skills may not be suitable for all ages. Listed Alexa skills are not intended for use by anyone not legally old enough to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

9 Best Alexa Skills for Bartending – Cocktails & Beverages

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