Use Alexa to Make a Donation to Charities

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We are happy to say that you can now use your voice assistant, Alexa, for making a donation to charities. An Amazon spokesperson talked to the CNET about this valuable Alexa feature and this looks like a seamless donation experience. You can make the payments via Amazon Pay and donate money to American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Heart Association and many more. There are nearly 50 nonprofits you can donate money to but remember that this Alexa feature is only available in the US for now.

To make a donation, the only thing you need to do is saying “Alexa, donate $10 to American Cancer Society.” After saying this, you need to confirm your donation and that’s it. You can also say “Alexa, I want to make a donation.” and Alexa will ask you to choose the charity and donation amount. Donation amount can be between $5 and $5,000. After the donation, Amazon will share the user’s name, address, and email with the charity but no credit card information will be shared.

You can donate money to nearly 50 charities but we think this is just the beginning and many new nonprofits will be added to this list. Below, you may find the list of nonprofits you can donate money to through Alexa. You can share the image below to increase the amount of person who sees it and we hope it will also increase the donations made to those charities.

Donate to A Charity Through Alexa

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